Why Choose A2S?

"DIRECT TO BUYERS" Marketing Program

We will sell your home for as low as $2995! How does it work?
As the name implies, our marketing efforts are directed to buyers.

In order to locate a ready, willing and able buyer to purchase your home, they first need to know it is available. In order to recieve maximum exposure, your home will be featured through every marketing outlet available:

Buyers are known to drive through neighborhoods in which they are interested in finding their next home. A surprising number of homes sell from buyers seeing our signs. Our sign stands out. Our contact # as well as our website (where your home is featured) are listed on every sign.

Buyers tend to read publications where homes are advertised. Assist-2-Sell utilizes the most effective publications. Our advertising features your home, not individual agents. We advertise to attract buyers so our ads are informative, not fluffy. Your agent will review our advertising strategy when we list your home.

Word of Mouth
People talk, and they are talking about Assit-2-Sell. We have made an impact on the market and our past customers are referring us to both buyers & potential sellers about our selection of homes and superior service. We are quickly becoming the destination for home buyers & sellers alike. Mention to someone you are selling and they might know of someone interested in buying. With a traditional office you help find the buyer, and they, most likely, will still charge you the full commission. At Assist-2-Sell, you enjoy a lower fee.

By listing your home with Assist-2-Sell, not only will your home be featured on our local website, it will be accessible through our high-profile corporate website. Our buyer-friendly, home-shopping website brings in home buyers from around the world, around the country, and around the corner! Thousands of potential home buyers visit our websites on a weekly basis. Home buyers can view multiple photos as well as a detailed description of your home. Potential home buyers can also find information about schools, the surrounding communities and much more. In addition to our websites, your listing will be featured on more than 300 websites, listed at the bottom of this page.

What else is included?

Yes! We show your home!
Buyers call our office after seeing your home from one of our many marketing avenues. Our agents will set up an appointment to show your home that is convienent to you and to the buyer.

Yes! We negotiate the purchase agreement
If the buyer is interested in buying your home, we will handle the negotiating and all the paperwork.

Yes! We oversee the closing process.
There are many details involved that require expert attention once the purchase agreement is accepted. Our agents work the same as traditional agents to assure that everything that needs to be done, gets done. This includes working with the lender, appraiser, inspectors, attorneys, and escrow companies.

And, of course, we only get paid for results!
If we don't sell your home, you don't owe us anything. We have confidence and a proven success record. We don't charge up-front fees, and there are no hidden costs.

You Say... Fees Vary For Homes Over $200K. What Does That Mean? Answer: Our Fees are Low. Take a Look!
Homes up to $200,000...... Our Fee: Only $2995!
$200,001 - $300,000........... Our Fee: Only $3995!
$300,001 - $400,000........... Our Fee: Only $4995!
$400,001 - $500,000........... Our Fee: Only $5995!
...and so on. Any way you look at it, you will Save Thousands compared to a traditional broker typically charging you 6%!

"MLS FOR LESS!" Marketing Program

You say, why would sellers ever pay real estate agents 6% or 7% to sell their home?

"Friends don't let friends pay 6%" ®

We offer the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) which is one of the most powerful marketing tools in place today to sell listings. Many traditional Realtors® have no other strategy and depend solely on this one tool to sell your home. We will promote your home through many sources and media outlets including utilizing the power of the MLS® if needed. Your agent and you will review all marketing strategies when they list your home.

Many homes around the country sell through the MLS® system. The power of MLS® is cooperation and compensation. In traditional offices, most homes do not sell by the listing agent! In actuality, most sales involve two different agents, a listing agent and a selling agent.

You can pay less and still get MLS®

Assist-2-Sell allows you to enjoy the full power of MLS® but you'll pay much less.

Here's how it works
When you list with a traditional agent, they place your home into MLS®. The listing office offers to share the total commission you are paying with the other MLS® agents. This compensation is their incentive to sell your home.

Assist-2-Sell offers MLS®!
All Assist-2-Sell agents are REALTORS® and members of the local MLS®. Assist-2-Sell offers you the option of placing your home in the same MLS® system at a lower total commission. Just like the traditional offices, we share the commission with MLS® agents, so they have the same incentive to sell your home as all the other homes in the MLS®. In most cases, the cooperating agents earn the same selling commission they are accustomed to receiving because Assist-2-Sell absorbs the "discounted" portion of the total commission.

Assist-2-sell will save you money either way. Our sellers pay just our low flat fee even if it’s in the MLS, if the seller or the listing agent procures the buyer. 

How can we sell homes for lower commission?
Volume. By charging a very competitive lower commission, Assist-2-Sell generally attracts a higher number of listings than traditional agents. We can afford to make less on each sale when we sell more homes.

We've saved home sellers over 1 Billion dollars in real estate commissions and we can save you your hard earned equity as well. Call us to get started.

"PAPERWORK ONLY" Marketing Program

 This program is most popular with the For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO). Many FSBO's run into difficulty with what to do when you find a buyer? Here is a cost-effective solution. At Assist-2-Sell, we will take care of everything for a low flat fee of only $1995.

We do not require a listing contract. Just call for an appointment, and bring your buyer into our office. We will write up the purchase agreement, handle all the paperwork and oversee the sale through to closing.

For more information or the schedule an appointment, call us at 596-2995 or email us at Info@Sell2995.com


For more information or the schedule an appointment, call us at 596-2995 or email us at Info@Sell2995.com

*Fee may vary based on your home's list price. Call for details. Any reference to a 6% commission is used for comparison purposes only. Commissions may be negotiable and are not established by law. Each office independently owned and operated. The information regarding specific properties herein is deemed to be accurate but not guaranteed. All information to be verified.